This site is dedicated to  those of us who ground our beings with the vibration of the drum.  Share inner reflections of our hearts thru the drumbeat & feel the rhythm of life in all we do.            ~   Waneeshee

a recent testement to drum vibrations  3.24.2015  Dallas, PA
Mr Deeerheart. My son Stephen and I met you last evening at the Dallas library and joined you in the drum circle. We'd never heard of the event before and were a bit unsure of what to expect but we ended up having a great time. It was an evening we'll long remember and one we hope to experience again. Stephen is recovering from a stroke and sometimes is unsure how to approach new social situations but we both felt very comfortable in your group. It was good to see him being drawn into the excitement the drum circle provided. His willing participation helped me believe in his continuing recovery. You helped us both a great deal. Thank you. It was wonderful.          E. D.