community drum circles
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  In a drum circle, each participant finds their own rhythm and becomes part of a community song that builds spirit and promotes well being.

The Community Drum Circle is a facilitated event where each person has an opportunity to add their voice -- their unique rhythm -- to the circle.  As facilitator, I begin that process by introducing simple rhythms that we build upon.

Each circle is different because it brings together a new group of people.  I think that’s what I like best about Community Drum Circles: you see people of all ages – from the very young, to elders, who come from all walks of life, perhaps not really knowing each other, or feeling shy about being there, but who leave having shared something very special -- the joy of music they helped to create.

Drum circle are spontaneous – we create as we go.  As facilitator, I usually have a program in mind but often set it aside, because what’s exciting is what’s happening in the moment -- how the group responds to the drums, and to each other.  And for the most part it’s all happening without words – with the music and vibration of the drum.
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